Why Should We Change Art History

Skull (C) 2010

Here is the other post I promised you guys before. For those who have never taken an art history class, it can be helpful to know what you are going to go through. History of art classes, or how I personally call them: “memory class”, are all going to be the same. I have not yet got to see a class in California that has not used the same process.  Continue reading


Are 27 Arth History of Art Class Worth?

Man Seeking for Help (c) 2016

How many classes of art history do you have to take before getting your bachelor? The answer: way too many! Yes, the system of school does not work and it is pretty frustrating. I have been taking 5 classes in elementary school, 3 in middle school, other 5 in high school, 6 in college and I still have to take 3 more in University. Yah with a total of 27 history of art classes for a graphic design major not even to be a historian.  Continue reading

Art Classes You Should Take

Bird (c) 2013

To be a successful artist it is important to know what art is and what it means! To do so an introduction to art class should be the start of it. The class where you learn the history, how art has evolved throughout the years and how it is still in a continuous evolution today. NOT like the history of art classes that every school offers, a more generic one where it emphasizes the most important objectives of art.  Continue reading

Take your sketchbook everywhere you go!

Cat sketch (c)2010

Cat sketch (c)2010

Yes, you are reading right! It is vital for an artist to have a sketchbook everywhere they go! The reason? It is a very simple one. Everyone has a momentum of inspirations and they think they will eventually remember later on in the day. However, the reality is very different. You will be more likely to forget and that inspiration will go away with it. So it is as simple as that, keep your thoughts together and this is why!  Continue reading