Itsbirdy Time!

Itsbirdy (c) 2017

Today I want to talk about an artist who is making is way up on its own through the media. You know I came to see that today it is much easier, but at the same time harder to show your work of art to the world. It easier because it is as far as one click and your work of art will be ready to be viewed by everyone in the world. It is harder because as you do that other 190918493 people do the same. In order to start being well known you have to be talented, but sometimes that is no enough. I found Itsbirdy on Instagram through a friend of mine. He is not a well know artist but is definitely going towards that direction. He started out by posting his drawings of Pokemon then after a while, he noticed how people started to like his creativity, so decided to open his own blog where he started selling his artwork. Now is an almost well-known artist in the bay area throughout the younger generation. I like his art because he not only focuses on an anime, but also he expanded his repertory to realistic drawings based on the requests made by people.

To became a well-known artist it is important to show works fo art that is appealing to the demand. Every year the demand changes the topic, and for an artist, it is important to keep up with what people wants or else it will be hard to maintain your art as a career.