The Fun of Exploring a New Medium

work in progress (c) 2017

The feelings you get when you explore a new medium is both incredible and so scary! This week my boyfriend and I decided to go to a ceramic studio where you can create your own art! It was unbelievably exciting! I have never worked with ceramic before and I have always been intimidated by it but after that day I understand how important is to explore new mediums! 

Working with ceramic is kind of like working with clay, you create your shape and then the fun begins with the coloring of it. My boyfriend has never draw anything before, but this time he helped me coloring it. If you have never worked with a specific medium I suggest you do it with someone else. Two people that have no idea on how to use that particular medium can make your new experience much more fun! We both started with the shape of it and then moved along with the color.

Let me tell you how frustrating and funny was to see my boyfriend being unable to color inside the shapes. It was like looking a little kid learning to color for the first time. After starting to color it for a while I started understanding how medium worked and improved my new techniques while having a lot of fun. Do not forget to take a break sometimes from your work and do some fun activities with people that do not have any idea on how to hold a pencil. Showing that to them can even help you getting new inspirations on creating something much more interesting!