How To Frame Your Work

Marilyn Monroe

Has it ever happened to you that after you finished a work you “Now how am I going to frame it?” And most likely you spend more time thinking of the frame than the time you spent making the whole work of art. Well, there are easy tips on how to create a good working frame for your piece of art! 

One thing I like to do with most of my drawings is to create a frame with different colors of paper so that you can see what is the most appropriate color for your frame. I usually like to use a neutral color so that it does not distract the viewer from the actual drawing. Then you want to see what is the most appropriate material to use. I use a different material based on the medium I decided to use for my design. If you do a painting on a canvas you will have a different frame than when you draw in a paper.

Remember that the simplest the frame is the more value you give to the drawing. Unless you create your own frame and want to show how much time you put into both frame and work of art go for something simple!