About Me

Where should I start? Well, I come from Italy where I lived all my life up until 4 years ago. In 2012 as soon as I graduated from high school my family decided to move back to America where my father was originally from. Drawing is my passion since I was a little girl. And I am working for a bachelor degree for graphic design! My hobbies are to draw, play sports and play computer games! I am a full time student as I also am a full time manager at a movie theatre. I love my job, it keeps me motivate to do more everyday. I am really looking forward to get my BA so that I can start pursuing the career I really want to do. I am a very energetic person and very social! I love to make new friends and share my enthusiasm to all those who follow my blog!

Thank you all for being such incredible people I hope that my works are able to help you in what you like to learn!

xoxo Sabrina 😀