The Graphic Designer’s Tool Box

Here it comes, the Graphic Designer’s Tool Box! This Infographic is my creation to show the main tools that every graphic designer should know how to use. I differentiate them by beginners and advanced to leave space to everyone to learn from the beginning. There are many Softwares that can help you create the best design for you and the following are the most effective in my opinion!  Continue reading


Graphic Design – Comparison Report

This post is a little different than the others as I want to show you an infographic that I created showing the difference between San Jose, Sacramento and San Francisco in how much money graphic designers make. You can see how San Jose has a higher rate than the other places and is followed, surprisingly, by Sacramento. The reason why San Jose is at the top is that of course, it has the most companies. However, it is not all. If you scroll down there are more info about graphic designer’s job openings and the steps to be a good designer.  Continue reading

How To Frame Your Work

Marilyn Monroe

Has it ever happened to you that after you finished a work you “Now how am I going to frame it?” And most likely you spend more time thinking of the frame than the time you spent making the whole work of art. Well, there are easy tips on how to create a good working frame for your piece of art!  Continue reading

The Fun of Exploring a New Medium

work in progress (c) 2017

The feelings you get when you explore a new medium is both incredible and so scary! This week my boyfriend and I decided to go to a ceramic studio where you can create your own art! It was unbelievably exciting! I have never worked with ceramic before and I have always been intimidated by it but after that day I understand how important is to explore new mediums!  Continue reading

Why Should We Change Art History

Skull (C) 2010

Here is the other post I promised you guys before. For those who have never taken an art history class, it can be helpful to know what you are going to go through. History of art classes, or how I personally call them: “memory class”, are all going to be the same. I have not yet got to see a class in California that has not used the same process.  Continue reading

Are 27 Arth History of Art Class Worth?

Man Seeking for Help (c) 2016

How many classes of art history do you have to take before getting your bachelor? The answer: way too many! Yes, the system of school does not work and it is pretty frustrating. I have been taking 5 classes in elementary school, 3 in middle school, other 5 in high school, 6 in college and I still have to take 3 more in University. Yah with a total of 27 history of art classes for a graphic design major not even to be a historian.  Continue reading

Art Classes You Should Take

Bird (c) 2013

To be a successful artist it is important to know what art is and what it means! To do so an introduction to art class should be the start of it. The class where you learn the history, how art has evolved throughout the years and how it is still in a continuous evolution today. NOT like the history of art classes that every school offers, a more generic one where it emphasizes the most important objectives of art.  Continue reading