The Fun of Exploring a New Medium

work in progress (c) 2017

The feelings you get when you explore a new medium is both incredible and so scary! This week my boyfriend and I decided to go to a ceramic studio where you can create your own art! It was unbelievably exciting! I have never worked with ceramic before and I have always been intimidated by it but after that day I understand how important is to explore new mediums!  Continue reading


Take your sketchbook everywhere you go!

Cat sketch (c)2010

Cat sketch (c)2010

Yes, you are reading right! It is vital for an artist to have a sketchbook everywhere they go! The reason? It is a very simple one. Everyone has a momentum of inspirations and they think they will eventually remember later on in the day. However, the reality is very different. You will be more likely to forget and that inspiration will go away with it. So it is as simple as that, keep your thoughts together and this is why!  Continue reading