Learning How To Paint

Ballerina, Sabrina Caminiti 2012 (c)

Painting is a skill that many of us would like to have, but few ever master, let alone try out. But why not? It’s a wonderful skill to have, it improves and complements other creative abilities you may already have learned, and there’s no need to be intimidated by it when it’s broken down into easy steps the way that our free painting lessons do.

The first step of beginner painting is determining what kind of paint is best for your work. Sometimes, it’s a matter of cost: what do you already have on hand? Watercolors, acrylics, oils and pastels are the most common media, and all require different kinds of surfaces. Any of them are good, to begin with, especially if you already have beginner drawing under your belt. Continue reading


How to Keep your Charcoal Drawing Clean

Charcoal-Drawing (c) 2010

Some people really love the effect of a charcoal drawing, but cannot stand the mess it generates before and after the execution of it. Charcoal can be very messy and it is really hard to keep your area and yourself clean when drawing with it. Charcoal is a well-recognized skill and in order to be successful at it, it is important to follow each step carefully.  Continue reading